JoomlaDay 2023

Sprecher 2023

I started with computer and IT when 9 years old, back in the early 1970s. I wrote my first program at the age of 11 when the output was via a dot matrix printer with green stripes on the paper, and the input was a hole punch card. Floppy disks were still a dream and COBOL. FORTRAN and PASCAL were the new languages to learn. I've moved on a little from there and have been involved in programming robots, running a software company with several hundred sites and working with joomla since mambo days. clients have included Shell, NHS (type 2 diabetes site) and several Uk police sites.

I have been CMS Release Team Lead, GSoC lead and then Marketing DC and Outreach DC

One of the bits I find most fun in Joomla is writing articles on new features for the Joomla magazine.

In my free time, I row on the Thames, Juggle, Patent Inventions, pamper my cats and drink real ale in no particular order.