JoomlaDay 2024

Geraint Edwards

After working in financial engineering and derivatives for banks in London and New York, I moved to rural North Wales in the early 2000s.  I discovered Mambo, a few months before Joomla was born, whilst looking for software to manage a multi-lingual local school website.  I was soon actively developing what became Joomfish and JEvents and my new career started.

Today my company, GWE Systems Ltd, develops and maintains 3 very different extensions:

  • JEvents and a long list of addons to allow our users to create sophisticated, highly cusotmisable event based systems with ticketing, invitations, reminders, venue and resource management etc.
  • YourSites - a Joomla component that allows you to manage your client websites (Joomla or WordPress) from your own private server.  Making sure the core and extension software is up to date, checking and generating backups, creating clone/testing sites, running pre-upgrade checks, diagnosing (and often resolving) errors etc.  Custom fields and layouts allow you to layer in your own custom CRM functionality
  • EasyLayouts - a layout editor for Joomla allowing you to create sophisticated custom layouts for most core component/module views/form without the need for coding template overrides.  Combine built in advanced filter module and filtering of core menus and modules and you have the tools to take Joomla to the next level